Everyone, everyone is welcome!

We are a welcoming, affirming, diverse congregation of students, children, youth, and adults.  We are Baptist in history and progressive in our theology.  We partner with sister Baptist churches around the world through the Alliance of Baptists.  If you are looking for community where all are welcome to worship and serve God, we are here for you!  Even when the pandemic hinders gathering in person, we are still an active faith community. We welcome you to join us in worship, discipleship, missions, and fellowship.

How we gather currently

Depending upon the rise and fall of the effects of COVID in our Western Region, how we gather for worship and Bible study will change, as will staff availability at the church office during the week.  We are blessed with three medically trained deacons who make these decisions for us.  

Current Status: 
Due to the stormy weather of the day, we will not be hosting the 2pm outdoor worship service today, Sunday, March 28. 


Every Sunday you will find a worship guide here to lead you in worship wherever you may be.

Weekly Home Worship Guide

Each Sunday a home worship guide is posted on our WordPress blog to guide and support your regular worship of God. The guide includes prayers, songs, scripture readings, and a pastoral reflection.

This Sunday's Worship Guide

Worshiping at home

Jewish households begin worship every Sabbath at home around the family’s table. Jesus being Jewish would have had a robust practice of worship at home. Our Baptist tradition believes in the “priesthood of believers” meaning every believer is able to lead worship.

Home Worship How To's