Current Mission Opportunities

What our church is working on right now!

Books and Pacifiers

Our youngest church peep, Winston Elliott Cook passed away in February, just shy of 2 months on this side of life.  As a memorial parents Mindy and Tyler have asked for donations of Wubbanub Pacifiers and children's books to be given to the Levine Children's Hospital NICU.  You may bring your donation to the church at anytime.

If you prefer to order online, you may your donations sent directly to the church: Cullowhee Baptist Church, 148 Central Dr, PO Box 37, Cullowhee, NC 28723.


We help those in our community by collecting shampoo of all sizes and brands!  The shampoo goes to our community partner, United Christian Ministries, an organization that provides food,  financial assistance, cleaning supplies, and personal care items for all ages.  UCM is one of the only agencies in our county that provides personal care items.


We also help our community by keeping the shelves of the food pantry stocked at United Christian Ministries. Everyone is encouraged to pick up grocery items to donate every time you go grocery shopping. All the little offerings we make, together make a huge difference for others.

UCM Current Grocery Needs


Pasta Sauce

Chicken Noodle Soup

Canned Fruit

Missions Partners

We love to show off the amazing organizations we support, and what they are doing.

Follow the links to learn more about who they are!

Blue Ridge Free Dental Clinic

Delivering high-quality emergency, restorative, and preventative dental care to those who otherwise cannot afford these critically needed services.

Alliance of Baptist

Theological Home. Pursuit of God’s Justice. Partnership in Mission.

United Christian Ministries

Providing aid and advocacy for people with urgent physical, economic, social, and spiritual needs.

MANNA Food Bank

Involving, educating, and uniting people in the work of ending hunger in Western North Carolina.

Center for Domestic Peace

Providing direct support to victims of interpersonal violence --  domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking.


Providing culturally-appropriate health and wellness services for the uninsured, low-income Latinx community.

Church of Joy

Our sister congregation in Maceio, Brazil ministers to the least of these in their neighborhood.

Evangelical-Baptist Church of Georgia

A unique welcoming and affirming Baptist congregation in the Orthodox tradition in the Republic of Georgia who fosters inter-religious dialogue between Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Currently they have an active ministry to refugees from the Russian war against Ukraine.

Past Missions

A glimpse at the missionaries we are all, whether merely donating items or travelling

Mission Trip to Loredo, Texas

We braved the heat of Texas to help build a house, clean up a church, and support a wonderful community

Car Wash

We frequently hold car washes to raise money for the numerous organizations we support

Let's Start Missions Young!

We love involving our children and youth in mission opportunities such as this one, where our kids went out and gathered materials to donate to families in need